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Coronavirus Search Trends Worldwide

As people around the world start to take themselves into lockdown, we took a look at what people are searching for online.

April 6th 2020

With everything going on regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we thought we would try and look at the positive side in terms of what people are searching for and how businesses are responding to a change in circumstances and behaviours, along with some noteworthy mentions at the end.

Food Delivery/Cooking

Firstly, and probably the most obvious one is home food delivery, whilst most people around the world have been isolated and stuck at home for most of the day, this has led to a great increase in searches for food delivery services, whether that’s through fast food outlines who are changes their tact to offer delivery whilst their venues are shut down periodically, or essential supplies from supermarkets to the elderly or vulnerable who may be scared of leaving home.

food delivery trends

This trend has seen large increases across the world, most notably in Singapore (where lockdown measures have been strict), but also in places like Sri Lanka, where the government have teamed up with Uber to enable the delivery of essential food items from supermarkets and independent food outlets.

By contrast, we could not identify any trends (to date) where users were activity looking at way to improve their cooking skills, the search terms around ‘cooking tutorials’, ‘learn to cook’, and ‘cooking videos’ have remained relatively flat over the course of the past 12 months worldwide.

Working From Home

working from home trend

Of course, there’s been a massive spike is search queries around the terms ‘working from home’, and ‘home office’ around the world. There are regions around the world where you would expect these increases in activity to occur, but one in particular has become a topic of conversation in St Helena, a British colonial island off the coast of Africa:

st helena

This is particularly strange as the island, famous for its history of self-isolation, has so far recorded zero cases of covid-19, yet people have been actively searching for queries around working from home, despite the government only implementing social distancing measures at this point, rather than lockdown measures.

Make Money From Home

Whether it’s because people have recently become out of work, or working from home has increased the appetite to be away from the rat race or the office environment, terms around making money from home, or starting a home business, have increased over the past 12 months and in particular during March, along with the following sub topics:

make money trends 1

make money trends 2

This tells us that people are looking for ways to bring in extra income, supplementary income or looking at how they can effectively save money during a strange economic downturn. Sadly in this scenario, the job recruitment website Indeed has received a bump in search queries, which would suggest that there is correlation of ‘make money’ traffic and people being made redundant.

In terms of regions, South Africa tops the charts in terms of the searches around this topic, this would make sense given that the country has enforced some of the strictest lockdowns in the world and has asked people not to go jogging, dog walking, no alcohol or cigarette sales and have been imposing heavy fines or even prison time for doing so:

south africa make money


As gym’s have closed in most places around the world, the appetite for home workouts has increased, search queries around ‘home workouts’, ‘fitness equipment’, and ‘online workout’ have all seen spikes over the past 30 days, it will be interesting to see whether these trends continue as people get more and more involved in home working and settled into a routine. Conversely, the topic of dieting surprisingly has not picked up since the usual spike in early January:

dieting trends worldwide

Noteworthy Mentions

Some other topics that have risen up the charts during March were things like ‘conspiracy theories’, ‘bats’, ‘beer virus’, ‘netflix’ and ‘hoax’.

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