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Different Types of Ad Extensions on Google Ads

Ad extensions are an awesome way to get more exposure when your ad shows on the results page. Here’s an extensive guide to each one.

January 28th 2020

Within Google Ads, there are several types of ad extensions available that enable you to not only have more of a presence on the search engine results page, but also allow you to promote areas of your site that may not necessarily always get seen, or promote offers only available for a certain period of time. Here we’ll look at the different options and how they may be beneficial to your business.

  • Sitelink Extensions – Sitelinks are those kind of mini ads under your main ad copy, depending on the search term you can display up to 4 at any one time. The big advantage of sitelinks, is they can represent other areas of your website that users may not be aware of, it’s usually most useful when displaying an offer or directing people into parts of the site straight away (this is particularly useful when users search for your brand name and are familiar with your products). Sitelinks can have an end date and be scheduled
  • Callout Extensions – Callouts enable you to add text below your ad descriptions, they aren’t displayed as links but the benefit is you can shout about various aspects of your brand (hence the word ‘callout’), think of this as an opportunity to shout about awards, unique selling points and distinctive propositions that set you apart from the competition
  • Structured Snippet Extensions – Structured snippets are similar to callouts, but they enable you to add elements of your brand from a pre-determined value set:

structured snippet extension

Once you’ve chosen the category, you can then add a value, this will be displayed in the SERP as ‘Snippet Type: Value 1, Value 2, Value 3 etc…’. This ad extension is particularly useful if you have a brand that has multiple offerings, let’s say you’re a small hotel in a rural but touristy area, ‘Amenities’ would be the most valuable snippet to use here as you could promote things such as ‘Wifi’, ‘On Site Restaurant’, and so on. Structured snippets can be 25 characters long.

  • Call Extension – This allows you to add your phone number to the bottom of your ad which nicely displays with a phone icon to indicate that users can tap from it directly and call your brand straight from the search result. This is great if you have the type of business that is very service orientated. Additionally you can specifically use this ad extension to only show when a user is searching from a mobile
  • Lead Form Extension – At the time of writing, this ad extension is released in Beta mode, meaning effectively it’s being tested and could be changed or removed at any moment. It’s a good addition though, as it means that users can submit a form without the need to enter the website, so less clicks to complete a conversion. Effectively, a form will appear within the search engine results page that has been created by you with all of the necessary fields to which the user will complete and submit. Obviously the need for this sort of thing may depend on whether or not you would like the user to see your brand, this sort of decision could be made depending on what campaign you are running. One thing to remember is that leads will be stored within the ad extension details or you can send the data directly to your CRM via a webhook (a Zapier or something similar)

lead form ad extension

  • Message Extension – This is a great way to let your customers send you an SMS message directly from the ad:
google ad message extension

This link automatically opens up the users’ messaging app and gives the ability to send the message, the advertiser can then forward this to an email address or phone number.

  • Location Extension – If you have a business with physical locations, this ad extension is an absolute must. The advertiser must be linked to the appropriate ‘Google My Business’ account in order for Google Ads to view the locations. The extension then gives the address of the head office (if that is the only address listed) or the nearest location to where the user is, meaning it makes perfect sense if you have multiple locations
  • Affiliate Location Extension – This ad extension allows affiliates of a brand or resellers of a brand or product, to show a location of where that is available nearby. Let’s say for instance you have a 7 Eleven store and you have licence to run your own promotions and you wanted to run a mobile phone sim card promo, you could then bid on specific sim card keywords, and run the ad extension to show they are available only minutes away…

google ad extension affiliate

  • Price Extensions – Perfect for online retailers and fast moving consumer goods, or for those who want to promote multiple events coming up:
google price extensions

The price extensions allows you to take up valuable real estate on the search results page, and the extension is so prominent that it makes for great exposure, especially if you have competitive prices. The great thing about each one of these links is that they all link to their own individual sections, which makes for a great user journey.

  • App Extensions – This is a great way to connect your app to your business, in particular, if people don’t know about it already. The app extension sits nicely at the bottom of the ad as a link directly to the play store or the app store. Once a user has downloaded the app on the Play Store, a conversion will take place in the Google Ads platform, however, at the time of writing this article Google Ads is not compatible to post back Apple’s App Store installs, which is where you might need a 3rd party mobile marketing platform in order to have complete visibility
  • Promotion Extension – Again a perfect one for retailers who want to give a certain product a push. The promotion ad extension tells users about a promo (either as a monetary price discount, or a percentage price discount. It sits at the bottom of the ad with a nice price label style icon and users can click straight through to a landing page. For offers that are time-sensitive, the extension can be scheduled and can have an end date.

So that’s it, for the moment anyway! If any more additions to ad extensions come up, we’ll add them to this post. Enjoy creating them and the benefits of increased coverage on the search page.

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